Island girl living in the city, Natasha is a fourth year student at York University studying global economics and corporate social responsibility. Lover of high rise city views, quotes by Oscar Wilde, and all things avocado; when she doesn’t have her head in the books you’ll either find her following up with clients through freelance personal shopping or satisfying a “Whole Foods Mom” aesthetic.

From vintage looks to contemporary styles, Natasha has been intrigued by fashion ever since she could remember. One of her style icons being Carrie Bradshaw who taught her to have classic pieces at hand, but always be open to putting on something wild and having fun with it; one’s style is not a constant but rather something that is reinvented every day.

On her free time she likes to explore what the city has to offer. Whether that means trying unique food (activated charcoal soft serve anyone?), checking out what’s going on at YD square, or having an “accidental” run-in with Drake (S/O to @drizzysource for those live updates).

Natasha is very excited to be a part of the UC team!