Nothing beats the exhilerating feeling of starting law school, that is, until you meet your SOLE-mate (disclaimer: bad fashion-related puns start NOW).

We are two second year law students at Osgoode Hall Law School, eagerly ready to learn about legal issues in the fashion and entertainment industries. Every fashionista recognizes the famous Louboutin sole in an instant, but how is this legally protected and what has Louboutin done to make sure that its brand remains unmistakable? Or, what can we expect to see in the entertainment or intellectual property law realm in the years to come? We answer these questions and other unprecedented legal issues to keep you updated and informed.

We get it, you may not be as keen lovers of the law as we are. And we’re not here to bore you with legal issues all day long. Rather, we strive to to draw on current events within the fashion industry that highlight legal questions.

Of course, our love for fashion goes well beyond the books. We knew we were fashion-obsessed  when we showed up to early morning classes with a cute outfit and our hair done, while most people preferred to be comfortable in sweats. But, fashion knows no limits! So, we decided to channel all of our creative energy and share our ideas with you! We absolutely LOVE mixing and matching and taking risks with different looks and we hope that you find inspiration when looking at the fashion and lifestyle part of the blog. If you have any suggestions or would like to see a particular look, write to us! We LOVE creative influences.

We are so happy that you have decided to follow along this journey with us. Get ready for something unprecedented. 

We are lovers of the law. We are lovers of fashion. We are…

Saba Samanian                                                                                                        Alessia Monastero