The World’s First Sustainable Fashion Museum

Amsterdam’s Fashion For Good has opened up the world’s first sustainable fashion museum. The team behind the museum classifies the space as a place to learn about how clothes are made and how innovations will shape the fashion industry. The museum consists of three floors, which is divided up into the past, present, and future of sustainable fashion. The basement features a look at the history of the fashion industry and the production process. The main floor features what is currently available in sustainable fashion, which showcases new brands. The third floor explores new innovations that are “on the verge of disrupting the fashion industry”.

The museum has a unique interactive aspect, which allows guests to “find concrete ways to have a positive impact” and make commitments to more sustainable choices. As pictured below, guests pick up an “action bracelet” upon entering the museum. Then, on their Good Fashion Journey, visitors have the opportunity to commit to actions as they learn more about sustainable fashion. Finally, guests pledge to take action and then receive a final personalized summary of their Good Fashion Action Plan with tips of what to do beyond their visit. Some of these initiatives include “not buying new clothes for a month” or “only washing clothes with cold water from now on”.

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 7.16.38 PM

The team focuses on showcasing brands that push the boundaries of fashion and on curating sustainable collections in accordance with a theme. The current theme for October-December 2018 is “SPLASH: Rethinking the Role of Water in Fashion”. This theme explores how water is used in the garment making process and how water and fashion can exist in a non-exploitative relationship.

Other highlights include printing your own original design on a sustainable t-shirt in their studio. Visitors also have the opportunity to use the Good GIF Booth that creates a kaleidoscopic GIF out your photos, which is a great takeaway after the visit.

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 7.34.49 PM.png

Fashion For Good has ensured that their entire project is consistent with the criteria of sustainability. For example, the furniture is second-hand, installations feature renewable or recycled materials, and the bracelets are made from recycled plastic. We love this consistency that the team has adhered to in order to ensure that they are true to the values they are showcasing. This project is a great way to raise awareness about the complicated process behind the garments we choose to wear every day. Even further, by having themes that change continuously, visitors can learn more about how a variety of natural resources interact with clothing and impact other humans. We hope that this concept of sustainable fashion museums can expand beyond the Netherlands to continue to raise global awareness of the impact of fashion and highlight sustainable brands.

Information and Images Gathered From: Fashion For Good; Pebble Mag; Fashion United

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