The First Sustainable Pair of Stan Smiths

The latest in sustainable fashion comes from the longtime duo of Stella McCartney and Adidas. The pair have put their heads together to create the first pair of leather-free, vegan Stan Smith shoes. The stylish sneakers, pictured above, are the first sustainable iteration of the Stan Smith model since Adidas started selling the iconic shoes in the 1970s.

The three stripes that are typically featured on the sides of the shoes have been replaced and accentuated with a star pattern. Our favourite part of the shoe is the tongue, which features portraits of Stan Smith and Stella McCartney. 

Stan Smith 1.jpg

The back of the shoe has burgundy and blue stripes and features both the labels of Stella McCartney and Adidas.

Stan Smith 2

The new version of the sneakers keeps everything we love about the original Stan Smith model, while embellishing it just enough to let us know that there is something special about this version.

In communication with i-D, McCartney wrote: “The Stan Smith sneaker is just an incredible design that has stood the test of time. I’m a fan of the original as much as almost everybody is.” As McCartney explains, the style is timeless. Complex has even named it 19th on a list of the most influential sneakers of all time.

This collaboration is a testament to how brands are continuing to experiment with sustainable and ethical methods of production. Stan Smith is a style that has seen many colourful iterations and collaborations. Now, the fashion brand duo has found an even more impactful way to remix the shoes that have become a classic in many of our wardrobes. They are using an influential pair of shoes to send a message about the importance of sustainable and ethical values in the fashion industry. 

Adidas has made a serious commitment to using non-leather materials in all of their products and keep “cruelty-free” as one of their main values. As their 13 year relationship continues to blossom, we look forward to seeing what other sustainable products Adidas and Stella McCartney will create to push the boundaries of classic styles.

Information and Images Gathered From: De Zeen; i-D; Metro; Independent

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