The World’s First Virtual Reality Fitting Room

The concept of virtual fitting rooms may finally come to life. Try & Buy Fashions is a company that “provides a real-life virtual trial room” for shoppers. The company recently raised $1 million from Venture Catalysts. Venture Catalysts is a startup incubator that has been praising the efforts of the innovative tech company thus far.

The technology that the company is working on will bridge the gap between online shopping and shopping in brick and mortar stores. Trying garments on through virtual stylists and virtual fitting rooms allows online shoppers to have more of an offline experience, and perhaps become more confident in their purchases.

Their virtual fitting room has an AI personalized assistant. In addition, users have a 3D model that is replicated after their body type, height, weight, and skin tone. The company offers this product to individual users, but also offers licensing options for other brands. According to the founder Nitin Vats, the software is currently operational. Brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein have already started engaging with the technology. Try & Buy is also in the process of negotiating collaborations with major online fashion brands.

While we have discussed other companies that have already patented technology that could be used for this purpose, it seems that Try & Buy Fashions may be ahead of the competition in terms of being ready to implement their technology. Even further, the company claims its process is unique, as they implement an automatic 3D dress making process, where a lot of other companies use a manual system.

While this sounds like a really convenient way to shop and make more efficient purchases online, it has its caveats. The startup dreams of being the world’s largest human face/body database. This reminds users of the fact that the virtual fitting room will not only have data that we seem to give to away on a daily basis to social media platforms and mobile phone applications. The fitting room will have much more than names and birthdays. It will have 3D replications of our physical likeness that arguably convey more personal information than a selfie on Instagram.

It will be interesting to see how the company will leverage this information in the future. Companies using Try & Buy software could leverage the new data by analyzing which body types try and purchase different types of garments. This could help fashion brands potentially design clothing better and have a visual representation of how their designs fit a variety of body types. However, consumers may also have concerns with their images being saved and used for purposes they have not previously approved. Privacy issues online have been a topic of concern recently and we imagine that with new ways to collect information about humans, these issues are likely to become more complicated. As the legal issues unfold, we look forward to analyzing the implications of new virtual technology in the fashion industry.
Information Gathered From: Economic Times; New Kerala; Tech Story; Inc 42

Image by Clark Street Mercantile

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