A Corporate Lawyer Takes on Sustainable Fashion

Priscilla Debar is a former corporate lawyer who founded Faubourg, a lifestyle website for the “conscious modern woman”.

Debar was born and raised in Paris, France. About 13 years ago she moved to New York. With her family roots in Togo and Ghana, she spent her summers travelling there to visit family. It was with her great-grandmother that she learned about how women can succeed as entrepreneurs in the garment industry. She learned the value of custom made garments and the importance of fabric selection. From these early observations, she gained an appreciation for fashion.

In fact, she enjoyed being an active part in making her own clothes. She would pick out a fabric, sketch the garment, and take it to the seamstress for a custom piece. This helped her to understand from a young age the amount of work that goes into making garments. This realization is what guides Faubourg. It helps other women who share the same passion about style consciousness to find themselves in the clothing they choose to wear. Faubourg is an effort to elevate sustainable brands that make a “genuine effort” in the direction of responsibility.

Debar practiced corporate law for 10 years before starting her venture. After working in commercial litigation on Wall Street, she eventually starting working privately to represent creative clients. She discussed how her style has changed with her career. As a lawyer, she reflects on having to wear a “corporate uniform”, which left little room for her to express her style.

Her shift to create Faubourg and leave her law career not only came with a more creative and colourful wardrobe, but also a more diverse portrayal of the fashion industry. Debar had many questions about why the fashion industry was not more inclusive. So, Faubourg is also her way to highlight the work of women of colour. She aims to do this both through models and profile features on her website.

Debar’s background gives her insight into the areas in which creative talents, such as designers, need the most support. She has spent her life advocating for these groups in a variety of ways. Her current project is a way to help sustainable brands and minorities in the fashion industry to gain recognition.

Information and Images Gathered From: Faubourg; Vogue; Forbes; The Story Exchange

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