Why the Kitten Heel is Here to Stay

Fashionista recently reported on how the era of the sneaker has resulted in the more comfortable footwear options for women. From slip-on sneakers to the famous Stan Smiths, these comfortable and stylish shoes not only started to dominate streetwear, but they ended up on the runway. Current waitlists for Gucci and Balenciaga sneakers tell us that the comfort sneakers have brought to the market for women is wildly popular and here to stay.

This concept of comfort has translated into many different styles of shoes. For example, kitten heels, lower chunky heels, elegant slides, and much more. This diversification allowed women in traditional office spaces to have an alternative to the sneaker that was still comfortable.

While we do not expect for low heels to completely replace the stiletto, it is interesting to consider how the use of lower heels, or no heels at all, on the fashion runway can tell a story about new consumer trends. As explored by Business of Fashion last year, consumer trends of purchasing lower heels demonstrate a need for comfort and style in their footwear to match their  “increasingly fast-paced lives”.

Here are some examples of the return of the kitten heel:

1) Balenciaga


2) Givenchy


We love the fact that a higher heel is not required to make a fashion statement. The satin mules from Balenciaga and the strappy kitten heel from Givenchy tell us that comfort and style really do have a middle ground. Lower heels have the ability to accessorize an outfit and help an individual to confidently flaunt their style.

Information and Images Gathered From: Fashionista; Business of Fashion; Vogue; The Fashion Spot

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