Got Milk?

Remember the 90s advertisements that coined the phrase “Got Milk”? Well, with new developments in sustainable fashion, this question will have a new meaning.

German microbiologist and fashion designer Anke Domaske created QMILK, a sustainable fibre, from dried milk protein powder. The designer mixed this with water, natural ingredients, and then pressed it into thin strands. The result is a soft and silky material. This new fibre can sustainably recycle waste milk. Even further, it is gentle on human skin, as it does not include any chemicals. It is also hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and non-flammable. The material is breathable and helps to regulate body temperature.

We have looked at a lot of new textiles that have been created from natural materials, but this is one of the most interesting innovations we have seen so far. Domaske is also looking at applications for milk proteins beyond the fashion industry.

From the production of cosmetics to wipes, QMILK uses a zero waste process, with low water and energy consumption in a short process to produce a quality fibre. This trend of using natural materials, especially food products, to create new fibres for garments in the fashion industry is a trend towards a closed loop system. Not only is fashion becoming more sustainable by using these new organic materials, but the industry is borrowing waste from other industries that would otherwise be discarded.

We look forward to seeing how these new materials will slowly become adopted in the fashion industry. We think this may also be more likely as more companies pledge to give up fur in the production of their garments. As there is a slow transition to remove harmful materials from the industry, we hope that brands will adopt sustainable materials, such as QMILK.

Information and Image Gathered From: German Pulse; QMILK

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