‘Alexa, file a lawsuit’

Amazon teamed up with some of our favorite brands to stop the sale of counterfeit goods. Yesterday, the online giant filed a few federal lawsuits against people allegedly selling fake goods through its platform.

What inspired this dream team to take action? The answer is a blog by the founders of Elevation Lab that called out Amazon for being “complicit with counterfeiting.” This blog gained so much traction and news coverage that Amazon ended up being blamed by news outlets from Fortune to BuzzFeed.

The issue the blog focussed on was how common it is for third party sellers to sell counterfeit goods on Amazon in a manner that tricks customers into thinking they are ordering the genuine brand. BuzzFeed’s article includes tips on how to avoid buying counterfeit goods because of how easy it is to buy faux goods.

Amazon’s initial response was a formal statement that emphasized its anti-counterfeiting program and assured that customers are protected by its “A-to-Z guarantee.” This was followed by the lawsuits the brand filed alongside Vera Bradley and Otter Products.

So, even if these lawsuits are just part of Amazon’s damage control, they will certainty help stop the sale of counterfeit goods and allow us all to shop in peace.

Information accredited to World Trademark Review, and Buzzfeed.

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