How a 3D Model Can Help You Shop Online

The Company Metail was recently granted a US patent for the sharing of their 3D digital body models via social media.

 The company created technology that allows consumers to generate a 3D model that matches their body type and measurements. Customers can then choose items for their virtual model to try on. This technology helps online retailers to provide consumers with the best tool possible to ensure that they will like the fit of the garments.

 The implication of being able to share these 3D models showing the garments is that social media may become a new type of marketplace for brands to use. Even further, when considering that social media may become a marketplace, it is important to think about how influencers are already paid on social media platforms to engage with certain brands and products. Now there is a way for consumers to share desire garments and outfits they envision over social media in a body that represents them. They do not have to rely on finding the perfect fashion blogger that embodies their style, nor do they have to wait to find someone that looks like them in the industry. You don’t need to become a blogger yourself and take your own images and curate outfits in real life. Instead, you can use a virtual model.

 Another perspective is that it can help the peer-to-peer selling market. When revamping your wardrobe and getting rid of this things you don’t use anymore, it can be difficult to figure out how to explain the fit of a garment or to explain your body type to a stranger you have never met. Your 3D model could convey this all for you!

 So what are the limitations?

 Well, companies have to be willing to invest in Metail’s technology. At this point, few brands are using the technology, thus it has not yet become a widespread phenomenon to share via social media. We do love, however, that compared to Amazon’s patent for the virtual reality mirror, this new combination of fashion and tech is already being used in the industry.

We took to House of Holland, one of the brands currently using Metail, to see how the technology works. We got to customize a model based on height, weight, bra size, body shape, leg length, and skin tone. We took a snapshot of one of the dresses we tried on so you can take a look!

The only disappointing aspect of the technology for us so far is that not all of the clothes can be tried on. Nevertheless, the different poses the model can stand in, the 360 degree spin, and the different hairstyles were great features to customize the model and look at how the garment fit!

 Information and Images Gathered From: BT; Tame Bay; Metail

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