Kusama’s “Infinity Mirrors”

Torontonians, if you have not gotten the chance to check out Yayoi Kusama’s “Infinity Mirrors” exhibit at the AGO yet, we highly recommend you do so ASAP. This is unlike anything the AGO has done before.


Kusama is a well known contemporary artist who works primarily with sculptures and installations. However, her immense sense of creativity has allowed her to also make a splash in the fashion community. In 2012, she did a highly anticipated collaboration with Louis Vuitton.



Kusama has dealt with severe psychological problems since she was a young child. She had admitted that her art is primarily inspired by the state of her mental health. She suffered abuse as a child, and as a result began suffering from intense audio-visual hallucinations which have continued throughout her lifetime. After living in New York for much of her adult life, Kusama returned to Japan in 1973. In 1977 she was committed to a psychiatric hospital and has been living there ever since. Yet, she is permitted to work in a studio across the street from the ward.

The exhibit is something that must be seen in person, so we won’t ruin it for you here. Remember, tickets can ONLY be purchased online at AGO.ca


<> on March 26, 2012 in Tokyo, Japan.
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