Our New Favourite Apple Accessory: The PodPocket

We LOVE our Apple AirPods. One thing they were missing, however, was the perfect pouch to carry them around in. After spending so much money on such a TINY product, we knew we could NOT lose them.

Luckily, we found PodPocket. The PodPocket is designed with the Apple customer in mind – those who appreciate both form & function. The pocket is precision molded from high grade silicone to provide a secure fit for the AirPods charging case.  The PodPocket design beautifully complements Apple’s signature aesthetic.  It comes with a premium key ring and clasp so that it can be attached to a bag or keychain and the open access along the bottom allows charging while the AirPods are still in the PodPocket.

From the gym, to school, to work, we always knew where our AirPods were. And the best part? The PodPockets come in SO many chic colours (one to match every outfit – literally!).

Make sure to check out their selection here. We have to admit, the PodPocket is our newest (and smallest!) favourite Apple accessory.

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