The Ninety Percent

A new womenswear brand based in London will donate 90% of its distributed profits to several charities.

For many this may sound outrageous, but we love what the co-founder Shafiq Hassan had to say about his company. Alongside co-founder Para Hamilton, Hassan highlighted that they “want to be different and to re-think how businesses are run”. The movement they are starting with such a unique business model will most definitely disrupt the industry.

When shopping online at the Ninety Percent website, customers can choose from a low maintenance, feminine aesthetic. The fabrics are sourced responsibly. The brand frequently uses sustainable materials, such as Tercel. Even when some of their pieces do not feature sustainable fabrics, the brand is transparent about their weaknesses and the founders are doing further research on how to improve future collections.

Once customers pick their perfect items for delivery, they are able to access a unique code that is printed on the label of each garment. Upon arrival of their order, customers can visit the website and enter the unique code to vote for the specific cause they chose. At the end of the year, the company calculates how much each charity should receive based on votes.

So not only does the company donate a majority of its profit to charities, but it empowers the consumer to make a positive impact with their clothing purchase. There are currently four charities to choose from:

  • Children’s Hope works to educate underprivileged children in Dhaka.
  • War Child UK aids children affected by conflict across Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.
  • Wild Aid aims to end the illegal wildlife trade and to provide marine protection.
  • Big Life Foundation looks to protect wildlife in East Africa.

The variety in charities that the brand provides allows consumers to pick a cause with which they truly identify.

Even further, the brand aims to unite consumers with their community call to #DressBetter. It is a prompt to start something meaningful by using fashion for good. They have even put their signature call on a t-shirt.

Image 1

Information and Images Gathered From: Vogue & Ninety Percent


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