Rethinking Luxury Brands

Until now, our discussion of ethical and transparent brands has included start-up companies and new fashion brands that are trying to change the industry.

Elisa Rossi, however, is the founder of a luxury fashion brand that is trying to implement ethical policies and share more than just the finished products.

Rossi believes that those who consume luxury goods are more attracted to craftsmanship and the people who make the products, rather than solely the “big flashy label”. Rossi discussed how in other industries it has become more popular to connect directly to those people making the products we consume, such as with microbreweries.

As such, Rossi decided to launch her brand, Rossi & Rei, which brings the artisans behind luxury products to the forefront of the brand’s story. She came up with the phrase “human-to-human luxury”, which inserts the craftspeople into the relationship consumers have with their products.

Rossi & Rei uses videos to feature the artisans and give costumers a peek into their workspaces. For the future, Rossi even discussed using virtual reality to help establish a relationship between the consumer and the artisan.

The philosophy behind Rossi & Rei is grounded in the following few interesting principles:

1) They highlight artisans as the skilled craftspeople that can personalize our clothing to help us feel more like ourselves.

2) Luxury can be healthy! Instead of viewing luxury as the mass consumption of goods based in affluence and status, the brand views luxury as a self-care principle. It is something we can use to treat ourselves when we feel we deserve it.

3) The brand provides a “detox” from the part of the fashion industry that promotes conformity to certain trends and styles. Instead, it allows customers to reveal themselves and express their true authentic selves through the custom pieces they purchase.

We absolutely love engaging with their website, where you can see the story of each artisan under every product. Each artisan also has their own “Maker Spotlight” page where there is more information about them. Access to this information will undoubtedly affect the way consumers think about their garments. It may allow for them to feel more attachment to their purchases, and in this way allow for clothing to be less disposable than it is now. It may also allow for consumers to feel that they have more stake in the fate of garment workers when it comes to the way they are treated by other companies and when their rights are infringed.

We look forward to seeing how other, existing luxury fashion labels could implement these principles!

Information and Image Gathered From: WT VOXRossi & Rei

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