UC’s Young Entrepreneur(s) of the Week: FIONN

Last summer we had the privilege of attending a private 604 Records party, showcasing some of the most talented Canadian musicians we’ve heard in a while. This is where we met the twins behind FIONN. Fast forward a few months, and we are so excited to have them featured as this week’s Young Entrepreneur(s) of the Week!

UC, meet FIONN…

Our names are Alanna and Brianne Finn-Morris. We were born in Burnaby BC Canada on March 9th 1998. Our childhood consisted of mushroom haircuts, a Grammy Nominees 2007 CD, making our stuffed animals into a family band, and sending them on multiple world tours. “Fionn” is the Irish translation of our last name “Finn.” Our father emigrated from Ireland with an Irish show band, so we have always felt a strong connection to our Celtic roots. Both of our parents are professional piano players, so music was always a big part of our lives. We have been performing together for as long as we can remember.


When we were 12 our Mother convinced us to apply for a busking license at a place called “Granville Island” in Vancouver. We would spend every Sunday playing in the market, and in the summer, every day. From this, we got our first gig playing at a Christmas party for a mining company. Word of mouth ended up getting us more and more gigs, to the point we were playing an event almost every weekend. Although we had fun playing our favorite cover songs, we were always writing and trying out original songs for our little Granville Island audience.


Eventually we decided to start going to different song writing workshops, trying to practice and improve the quality of our songs. Throughout high school we continued to write every day and play gigs on the weekends. In 2016, our graduating year, we were lucky enough to get an audition with 604 Records. Since then we have been writing, and recording, our first album. We released our first single “Skeleton” in October and are getting ready to release our next single “Magazine Face” within the upcoming month.

We’ll make sure to keep you all updated with the release of their new single. For now, make sure to check them out on Instagram and show their posts some love! We promise, you won’t be disappointed!


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