Renting Garments: Will Anyone Own Clothing?

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is a charity that focuses on implementing the concept of a circular economy in society. In this model, the goal is to rebuild capital, regardless of the type of resource.

In the fashion industry, this can be reflected in a variety of ways, but it definitely excludes waste and overconsumption. The foundation released a report, “A New Textiles Economy: Redesigning Fashion’s Future”, which outlined a few ways in which the industry can become more sustainable and move toward a circular model.

One of the recommendations that came out of the report was that the way fashion brands currently design clothing needs to change. The Foundation gives examples of how disposable clothing may be replaced with rental schemes and more durable clothing.

In the same way that some of us may receive coffee, books, and pet products to our door, there are a few companies that have thought of using clothing subscription services to fill this gap! Not only are they providing the opportunity for individuals to consume less by renting clothes, but they offer their rental service as a subscription box, which makes it more convenient for customers to receive the garments they would like to try on each month.

Take a look at Le Tote:

Image 1

This brand charges customers a monthly fee, which allows them to select their preferred styles online and receive a tote full of all of their favourite picks. The subscriber can wear the items for as long as desired and purchase anything they would like to keep at a discounted price before returning the rest. Upon return, the subscriber will receive a new box right away!

In addition, we have found that brands, such as Ann Taylor have expanded to include rental services. Their service operates on a similar basis as Le Tote, which satisfies the fashionista in each of us here at UC to stay on top of the latest trends, but it also stimulates our deeper sustainability advocate to reuse clothing and recycle our garments in a responsible way when we want to mix it up!

We look forward to exploring more fashion brands that take advantage of this rental and subscription service model! This offers one of the most sustainable ways to keep a trendy closet by rotating the most chic pieces into your closet when you are tired of the older ones. If the idea that you do not permanently own any of the items frightens you, try pairing your rental preferences and history with an online closet application that could help you keep track of everything you loved in case you ever want to go back to a specific garment!

Information and Image Gathered From: Tree Hugger I Tree Hugger IILe Tote

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