A Feminine Touch for Tech

Kate Spade has announced its first Android Wear smartwatch. The Kate Spade Scallop was revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this past week. This new smart watch design is bringing femininity to wearable tech in a new and innovative way.

Mary Beech, Kate Spade executive vice president and chief marketing officer, explained to Digital Trends that there is a specific technique used in the tech world to make products for women. The philosophy is to “shrink it and pink it”. Kate Spade has done just the opposite.

The watch is 42mm in diameter, which makes it a larger size for women’s watches. While the watch comes in three different styles, one of them is definitely not pink. The powerful watch is able to deliver notifications and access applications and music, just like other smartwatches. Not only did the brand create a product that empowers women without compromising on design, but it was also genuine to its fun and quirky side with the custom watch faces that users can choose from.

Image 1

In addition, the watch has a Choose Your Look (CYL) feature. This application allows the user to match the face of the watch to what they are wearing. After answering a few basic questions about the time of day, accessories, and colours in the outfit, the watch is able to help you select the perfect face to compliment your look.

Kate Spade is a fashion brand that has mastered the combination of style and drawing from impeccable technology. As the worlds of fashion and technology continue to merge, we suspect that the tech industry will have to adapt to the idea of wearable tech being fashionable. This may mean that the tech industry will have to look to the innovative designs of brands like Kate Spade to learn more about how to make customizable products that are chic. We look forward to seeing the different designs, colours, and textures that may be introduced to new wearable tech!

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