UC’s Young Entrepreneur of the Week: Nicola Palmieri Infantino

This week we’re featuring our YOUNGEST entrepreneur yet, and we are SO excited to share with you all her fantastic work. Meet Nicola Palmieri Infantino.


Nicola is an artist and a first year Drawing and Painting student at the Ontario College of Art and Design University. Being only in her first year (and already having so much talent, as you can all check out by visiting her Instagram page), her artwork is very broad as she loves to experiment with different forms of art. Though she has started with acrylic paint, pencil crayon and pencil, Nicola has begun using oil paints and learning the different techniques of utilizing each medium.

When we asked Nicola what he favourite artist is, she immediately responded with Neo-Expressionist Jean-Michel Basquiat. She says, “I’d love to try and make some of my work similar to his style. I’ve recently also gotten into street art and graffiti, so I hope to maybe try some new ideas and broaden my art into other mediums.” Watch out Toronto, Unprecedentedly Chic may just be bringing you the next best street artist!

As any young entrepreneur, Nicola has already thought about her future goals and dreams. “My goal as an artist is to send a message that I’m feeling and hopefully create a reaction out of the viewer that is positive or negative. I recently just created a website to sell and make commissions off of my art, but my future goal is to continue to make work for others but to also have my own solo show. I would also like to teach high school students visual art in hopes that I inspire them to continue on the wonderful path that is visual arts.”

Make sure to check out @nicola_infantino.art, where you can see Nicola’s previous work, current work and sometimes different artworks she is inspired by. You can also check out her work or contact her with any requests for purchase by visiting her website.

One thought on “UC’s Young Entrepreneur of the Week: Nicola Palmieri Infantino

  1. Frank palmieri says:

    Wow…what a fantastic summary of uour work. So proud and happy for you being able to find a niche that you are excited to be part of in art….you will do great things no doubt. Cant believe how much this talent is so you.
    God bless you child…plse keep us posted and involved on your progress.
    We love you …nicola and pulling for you. Dont forget us when your a big shot on LA making it big…xo

    Liked by 1 person

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