The Most Fashionable Tech on the Market

It is without a doubt that technology and inadvertently jeopardizes the privacy and ownership of various designs. Through social media, for example, many independent artists or small smart-up companies publicize their products in order to gain a loyal following and repeat consumers. Although this may be beneficial on the marketing and entrepreneurial side of things, various actions often pose serious concerns and problems for these smaller independent start-ups. More recently, however, technology has been seen in a more positive light, and used to actually protect consumers of various fashion garments.

With many companies, there becomes a trade-off of whether prompting your brand and deigns online is worth the potential copyright infringement. With this said, there have been recent advances in technology that have bettered the fashion industry as a whole, and provided more room for innovation and creativity in such a saturated marketplace.

Here are three pieces that have used technology to stand out in the marketplace.

  1. CHBL Jammer Coat: Designed by an Austrian architecture company, this coat has metallized fabrics block radio waves and makes the wearer untrackable from modern devices. Thus, when heading out for the night, consumers need not worry about any personal or credit card information being stolen from bystanders.
  2. Rain Palette: This item actually acts as a pH indicator when rain falls onto the fabric. Further, it comes with an app allowing people to scan and upload colour changes to a cloud based database that updates the rest of the world with real-time environmental data about the rain.
  3. Wearable solar fashion: More on the environmental side of the spectrum, these items have crystal solar panels integrated into leather flaps on the jackets shoulders and waist so they can be revealed when there is sunshine and hidden when not in use. The jacket can store enough energy to charge a typical smartphone for up to 50% in capacity.

With technology continually advancing, it is important to find balance between using it to benefit your brand without allowing it to destroy your goodwill. What do you think? Is the increase in technological advancements the rise or demise of start-up fashion brands?

Information gathered from Hongkiat.

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