New Year, New Brand?

American Apparel is back! After a few rebranding tactics over the years, the company has come back into the market. This time, however, with a slightly different strategy.

The brand, founded by Don Charney, had declared bankruptcy in late 2016 and was thereafter bought out by Canadian apparel-maker, Gildan, for $88 million. Charney was pushed out of the business by his own board of directors after accusations of financial misconduct as well as allegations of sexual harassment from employees. However, the CEO himself was not the only controversial aspect of this business.

American Apparel’s ad campaigns were commonly known for their images of nearly nude women in risqué positions. However, even under Gildan’s control, the “new” American Apparel brand seems to be portraying similar ads focused on women wearing minimal clothing. However, executives argue that the company “does not believe in covering up […] women feel so conflicted about being sexual right now, but we’re taking a position to still be sexy, unapologetically so, but from an empowered female perspective.”

According to Adweek, though the ads are still provocative, they aim to represent women in a more progressive way. Further, American Apparel has implemented an all-female executive team for the first time in the brand’s history to help achieve this.

What do you think about this “new” American Apparel?

Information gathered from The Business Insider.

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