Chic Spotlight: Chef Richard Ingraham

This past week, we had the absolute privilege of interviewing the private Chef of actress Gabrielle Union and NBA veteran Dwyane Wade, Richard Ingraham. This was perfect timing since the launch of his new book, Eating Well to Win, is right around the corner.  Chef’s style is focused on developing delicious, flavorful recipes — many of which include either a Southern, Creole, Italian, or Asian flair — that also help his celebrity clientele reach their peak performance.

Chef Ingraham also possesses extraordinary entrepreneurial abilities, and, in fact, is the Chef and CEO behind ChefRLI. This business venture brings together incredible chefs who work together and cater to celebrity clientele who have the privilege of tasting their unique, innovative recipes. When we spoke to Chef, he mentioned that one of the decisions he was most proud of is lending support to his fellow entrepreneurial chefs. We found this to be incredibly inspiring because although he has achieved major success, he is still deeply concerned with collaboration. Chef told us that the way this came about was completely organic. After witnessing Dwayne Wade’s amazing performance on the court, Chef’s work spoke for itself and it is what led him to success. This, in our opinion, is true talent.

Furthermore, Chef takes pride in not only the taste of his recipes, but the result that they have on the body. That is why all of Chef’s clients are incredibly proud of their partnership with him. As such, we highly recommend that you check out Eating Well to Win and you can learn more about this at

We love when people combine entrepreneurship with their varied interests, and we commend Chef for being a leader.


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