Unprecedentedly Chic x Tenfed

We are so excited to announce that we are pairing up with one of the most incredible, inspiring brands that we have ever come across: Tenfed.

As a clothing company based in Toronto and launched in August 2015, Tenfed offers unique yet simple everyday apparel. In addition to just keeping up with Toronto’s strong streetstyle trend, however, Tenfed has an extremely important mission, which is to help feed as many hungry children as possible. Amazing, we know. 

How does this work? For every Tenfed item that is sold, ten meals are provided to feed hungry children around the globe with the help of their partner, Kids Against Hunger Canada. This allows their consumers to not only feel comfortable in their clothing, but also be a part of a solution to end hunger. It is amazing to see how brands like Tenfed push the boundaries of fashion for such phenomenal goals.

As if that already wasn’t a perfect fit for a collaboration with UC, the two entrepreneurs behind the brand are the embodiment of taking a leap of faith for their dream careers. Co-founders, Mike and Kory, had spent their careers working at a job that they had little to no passion for. After travelling to Chicago to attend a Tony Robbins seminar (his books are highly recommended!), they came up with an idea.


On August 10th, 2015, they officially launched Tenfed, and they remember it to be the most fulfilling day of both their lives.

So, naturally, we knew we had to do our part to spread their message. We are so excited for our upcoming collaboration, but wanted to let our amazingly chic readers know in advance, because we are going to need YOUR help. Your support and dedication over the past year is what has kept us going, and we are so excited to embark on this journey, together.

Stay tuned and stay chic, fashion lovers!

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