Your New BFF: Cladwell

Cladwell, a mobile app founded in 2013, is disrupting the fashion industry with its new technique. The app basically revamps the style of its user—without breaking the bank— via closet organization.

In fact, the success of this innovation has caused its incredible growth. The company  raised approximately $2.8 million from angels in the Midwest, as well as from 500 Startups.

Erin Flynn, Cladwell’s CMO, recently chatted with TechDay and spoke about how the company was able to achieve such success, its unique attributes, and where it is headed. Below are the highlights.

As a disruptor in the fashion tech space, how do you go about defining Cladwell, demonstrating its capabilities, and reinforcing a need for the platform?

Unlike the rest of the fashion industry, Cladwell focuses on what people wear everyday, not on what to buy. We do not sell clothes, which makes us unique. Instead, we built an app that allows you to discover new outfit ideas. We give you daily outfit recommendations from the weather and the clothes you already own.

You can learn what you love, and what you should remove. We help you make the most of what you already own. This is why we created Cladwell. We wanted to help you discover your personal style and unlock endless outfit ideas.

What advice could you offer entrepreneurs attempting to disrupt an industry with no precedent? What are the primary factors in fostering longevity and an ability to scale?

Clarity, clarity, and clarity. When you’re entering a market that hasn’t been done before it’s confusing for customers, investors, and pretty much everyone. Bringing it back to the basics and outlining 1) why 2) how 3) what makes your business unique – is the difference between customers getting what you do or being lumped into an existing marketing.

Honestly, the primary factors in the ability to scale comes down to 3 phases: 1) Do you have traction? This involves figuring out if you have product/market fit and business metrics that seem possible 2) Can you double down on acquiring your audience? Is there a place where your audience “hangs out” and is there a clear path/channel that works better than others to acquire new users 3) How much can you scale? Is there enough of your audience to make this a long lasting business.

What can we expect to see from Cladwell next?

This next year is going to be exciting! We’re really focused on helping people discover their style and unlock endless outfit possibilities – using their own clothes.

In the short term, we’re going to be releasing the ability to give you full scheduling and logging capabilities for the future and the past as well as new ways to discover more outfit ideas within your closet. We also hope to release an Android app in the near future.

Though Cladwell is not the only app of its kind (we’ve written about others in the past), we are excited about what is to come for the company.

Stay tuned, fashion lovers!


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