Homeday Finds Homes

You know you’re getting older (and perhaps wiser?) if you begin thinking about homes, and overall life satisfaction. Luckily, Homeday is there to answer any such questions and ease concerns. Recently, the company did a study detailing the best cities for families, both to live and travel, across the globe. Naturally, we were interested.

The study’s methodology was also fascinating. In order to carry out the research, data for 15 criteria was investigated, including maternity and paternity laws, safety, housing availability, and activities for kids. This allowed them to factor in several concerns that people would have.

Curious to know the results?

Copenhagen was ranked as the best city for families, as one of the safest, happiest cities in the world, with affordable housing and excellent maternity/paternity laws.

And what about our beloved Toronto?

It ranked as 8th on the list of 100 best cities for families. As Torontonians, this made us incredibly happy.

We would highly encourage you to check out the study in full here, for not only detailed results on Toronto, but also for travel inspiration for your next destination. Additionally, if you want a change of scenery, Homeday can help find the perfect place for you!


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