Using Black Friday for Good

Remember Everlane—one of our favourite ethical fashion brands?

Well, after the madness of Black Friday and the over-indulgences in consumption, Everlane is one company that has decided to do something positive with their sales. In the fashion industry, a recurring ethical issue is the underpayment and mistreatment of garment makers. Everlane has been very forthcoming about their ethical factories, the treatment of their employees, and the costs of making their products.

So what could they possibly do next?

Well, Everlane partnered with Frieght Farms to do something really special for their employees. Freight Farms makes hydroponic farms ready to go in shipping containers. Their Leafy Green Machines come in a 40 foot long shipping container that is operated remotely by a computer system. The system can control the temperature, moisture, humidity, and nutrient levels of the growing climate. There are no pesticides required for the growing process and it uses 90% less water than conventional farming!

So, Everlane will use their sales from Black Friday to provide this fresh food to garment workers at their denim factory in Vietnam! The company decided to proceed with the project since there is a huge issue with unregulated use of toxic pesticides in Vietnam.

Everlane is the perfect example of an ethical company that not only uses radical transparency to keep consumers informed of how their garments are made and where this occurs, but they aim to make the lives of their workers better beyond getting paid a living wage. The founder, Michael Preysman, highlighted that with the extra sales, the company could provide “two healthy meals per day that are pesticide free and grown in the cleanest way possible”.

Information and Image Gathered From: PR NewswireModern FarmerEverlane

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