Tag Walk – Google for the Fashion Industry

How would you go about searching for a budding fashion trend? Would you use Instagram or would you rely on your favourite bloggers?

When you find looks that inspire you, where would you save it all?

We have discovered a tool that will change your answer to all of these questions. Alexandra Van Houtte is the creator of a fashion tech platform called Tag Walk, which is changing the fashion industry with its innovative features.

Van Houtte, a stylist and graduate of the London College of Fashion, came up with the idea for a search engine devoted to fashion. Her inspiration for the idea came from her needs while employed as an intern. The photo above is an example of work found in her illustrious portfolio.

As noted by Conscious Magazine, one of the biggest shifts in the fashion industry has been how consumers make decisions about the garments they choose. In the past, it was common for consumers to look to brands for direction on what was trendy. Today, consumers tell brands what they want and the industry responds accordingly.

By creating a platform like this, Van Houtte has provided more access to fashion data for consumers. With a platform that combines functions of social networks, such as Instagram and Pinterest, the site is perfect for trend hunters. You can search the site using keywords to browse through all of the looks at New York, London, Milan, and Paris Fashion Weeks. The best part is that you can create your own moodboards via Pinterest. You can customize boards for all of the inspiration you find!

While this is the first platform to bring these functions together, fashion and tech are becoming more intertwined. This platform is a stepping stone to how we will shop and view trends in the future. We have featured Fashion Tech applications, such as Finery, which allow users to have a digital closet. Imagine having everything mapped out seamlessly in a digital format! You could search trends, create moodboards, and compare it all to what is in your closet! These chic innovations will continue to allow for convenience for consumers and professionals in the industry.

Of course, there will be important intellectual property rights to consider with these new innovations, and we look forward to seeing how that plays out!

Information and Image Gathered From: CoveteurAlexandra Van HoutteNumeroTag Walk


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