Fashion in the Raw

Could you ever imagine yourself wearing a dress made completely out of leafy green vegetables?

Well, Jacinda Martinez, founder of Fashion in the Raw, creates garments out of vegetable materials, like the one featured above! Her vision began with her venture working on an organic farm. She envisioned an overgrown patch of chard on the contours of the body. She sewed leaves together, fitted a model, and photographed the product. She now has over 40 designs, after six farming seasons.

Where can you get one of her pieces?

The end result of her creations is typically a piece of art that she photographs. With a few pieces, she is able to preserve them and present them during various stages of natural decay.

So, why create garments that can only be used once? Why only leave consumers with a moment captured in a photo?

Martinez creates a form of fashion that speaks critically to the frivolity of the industry. The limited use of her garments mimics the cheaper fast fashion items consumers purchase that do not last long and become obsolete when new trends arise. These creations also teach consumers to slow down and appreciate the art that exists in the fashion industry. With the prominence of fast fashion, it can be easy to forget that the work that designers put into garments really is about creating pieces of art. Even further, the creations included in Fashion in the Raw help individuals realize how wastefully they may consume. As none of her pieces can be worn more than once, it forces consumers to think about the items in their closets.

Think about YOUR closet…

How many items have you worn only once and left behind? Even with the designated closet space you allot to your unused garments, you may continue to buy more trendy items. Martinez has designed pieces that can directly return to the earth through decomposition, as they are created simply by sewing raw materials together, without any chemicals.

Finally, these designs highlight the difference between raw materials and the processed materials used to make clothing. It is hard for the average consumer to think about what exactly is in their polyester shirt and where polyester actually originates. This makes one critically think about the unseen materials and processing that goes into the clothing they wear on a daily basis.

Fashion in the Raw is more than just an art and passion project. It is a critical commentary on consumption in the fashion industry. Seeing the craft and the intricacy of design that goes into each natural piece allows us to appreciate fashion from a different perspective.

Information and image gathered from: Jacinda Martinez & PBS


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