Chic: Five Foot Two

Once upon a time, the fashion industry was ruled by models who were over 6 feet and incredibly skinny. As such, the garments, and their fit, reflected this body type. Now, we are happy to say that we are seeing a little more diversity.

This can, in large part, be accredited to the amazing entrepreneurs who are making their mark on the industry. One of these people is the phenomenal Vanessa Youshaei.

Youshaei founded Petite Ave, which is an online clothing aggregator that allows purchasers to easily find and buy petite clothes from top retailers. She launched this innovation last may, and her aim is to “empower petite women by helping them feel beautiful and confident through the clothes that they wear”. This, as some of us know, can be difficult at times.

“Whenever I tried shopping in the petite department, I found unfashionable clothing for women. But then whenever I shopped in the regular section, the clothes were too big on me; I’m only five feet tall. So I had this dilemma where I had to get things altered or shop in the junior section,” she said.

Now, those who face the same issue do not have to worry about expensive alternations or spending excessive amounts of time trying on clothing that will not end up looking just right in the end.

We are proud of how far the fashion industry has come, but even more proud of the entrepreneurs who continue to push the boundaries. As such, we thought we would tell you about the amazing Vanessa Youshaei, and do our small part in passing on the message.

Stay Chic.

Information and quotes accredited to The Johns Hopkins News-Letter.

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