Off The Grid Retail

Anián is a Canadian fashion brand that is committed to sustainable and ethical manufacturing. In addition to using natural fibres to craft garments, the team behind this brand commits to making their clothing in Canada. The owners stay true to their “Made in Canada” branding by using factories in Vancouver, British Columbia that adhere to the Canadian Occupational Health and Safety Regulations. They also highlight that they work with others on a first name basis to ensure that they know everyone involved in the clothing manufacturing process.

Anián is Canada’s first 100% off the grid retail store. The store, located in Victoria, British Columbia, has no utilities and instead draws power from solar panels. It was specifically built by using small scale manufacturing, and owners built the store by collecting construction waste, discarded goods, and reclaimed materials. Furthermore, the store’s headquarters were built using 100% recycled materials. So, what used to be a dumpster staging area is now a retail store, workshop, and music venue.

One of the owners, Paul Long, started the original idea with no experience in design, and he learned how to manufacture clothing that was highly functional and safe for the environment. Check out an example of their Linen Chambray Shirt below.

Image 1

With the popularity and ease of online shopping, it is refreshing to see innovation in a physical retail space. There is a lot of debate on whether physical retail stores are a sustainable model for showcasing and selling fashion. Anián is one unique example of how physical retail can exist, without harming the environment.

Information gathered from: Inhabitat; Nouvelle VagueAnián

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