The $700 Sock

To clarify, Balenciaga’s newest release is actually deemed a shoe sock, but a sock nonetheless. The premise is simple: it’s a thick elastic ankle sock, mounted to a sole, the purpose of which is to be worn for athletics or as a fashion statement. The sneakers come in various colors, though always have a white sole and a knit exterior with a snug fit. And before you say that no one in their right mind would sport the shoes (pun intended), Kylie Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, and Future have already been photographed wearing the sneakers.

The sock sneaker first originated with athletic brands Nike and Adidas paving the way. Since then, higher end designer Balenciaga has followed suit with a luxury version – called Speed Trainers, and it seems they’ve succeeded in creating a trend because fast-fashion chains like Zara are already releasing cheaper dupes.

While some Kicks on Fire bloggers write harsh reviews like: “I may not know fashion, but I do know I would not rock these regardless of who or what brand made them”, others say the comfort and uniqueness make it popular footwear. If that’s not convincing enough, take into account that the shoes are sold out on most websites, so someone, somewhere, is buying them. For what reasons, I do not know; but admittedly, Speed Trainers fit perfectly within the market for athleisure attire, which has been a growing trend.

The shoes have garnered so much attention that they are no longer the only luxury manufacturers carrying them. Earlier this week, Dior announced that they, too, will be selling the sock sneakers, for around the same price.

Who else will follow in Balenciaga’s footsteps? Will this become the future of sneakers? Until we know for sure, we’ll just stick to our Roshes.

Information Gathered From: Quartz



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