A Disappointing “Solution”

As a follow up to our #MyJobShouldNotIncludeAbuse post, we wanted to update you on the latest development with respect to this ongoing issue.

Tamara Mellon, the Jimmy Choo founder who at one time collaborated on the Harvey Weinstein-funded effort to revive the Halston brand, has offered her “words of wisdom”. The quotes are on purpose.

“My take is that I would actually ban any girls under 18 from modeling,” said Mellon, “they are not psychologically or emotionally prepared. Nobody needs skin, face or body that is under 18 — 18 is perfectly young enough. It’s a very dangerous industry for young girls so that’s why I would put an age limit on it.”

Please note that currently, the minimum age for runway models recommended by the Council of Fashion Designers of America is 16, though some models start their career earlier.

Given the very limited information around this piece of news, we admit that Mellon’s words may be taken out of context, depending on the extent of the comment she gave. Nevertheless, we believe that not only is this suggestion not a solution, it actually adds to the magnitude of the problem.

The age of the women in an industry should not be seen as the sole cause, or a cause at all, of sexual abuse. Women should feel safe regardless of their age, and a minimum requirement only makes it seem as though those harassed are the ones to blame. As though “immaturity” led to their harassment. We normally would not further promote words like these, but we truly felt that you needed to know our position with respect to this piece of news, and our strong disapproval of Ms. Mellon’s behaviour.

So, let’s not suggest minimum age limits, Ms. Mellon, but rather a complete ban on predators who somehow justify disgusting and abusive behaviour, regardless of the age of their victim.

Let’s suggest that.

Information and quotes accredited to Hollywood Reporter

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