H&M, i.e. Hijacking Music

Because apparently sticking to infringing on fashion-related logos was too cliché…

This past week, H&M has been involved with a rather different trademark infringement. Michael David and Tyler Blake, the electronic dance music duo behind Classixx, recently came across H&M advertising their band’s name on a few crewneck sweaters.

Cool, right? Well, not really.

The band has this trademark federally registered, and unfortunately for H&M, didn’t actually consent to the fast fashion retailers usage of the logo. Michael and Tyler further state that H&M “has received a commercial advantage and value through its exploitation of [the plaintiffs’ band] name and identity by receiving revenues and profits in connection with the sales of the infringing garments […] The damage suffered by David and Blake includes without limitation damage to reputation, emotional, marketing and loss of publicity value.”

Ultimately, the duo believe that H&M intended to mislead and deceive and consumers into believing that the infringing garments are genuine Classixx garments are part of a collaboration with the band. The best part? The brand allegedly argued that they never heard of the band … although some consumers have mentioned hearing Classixx play within stores.

Oh, H&M, you have truly outdone yourself with this one!

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