FYI: Wearable Tech Is Much More Than Your Fitbit

Wearable technology is becoming integrated more and more into our daily lives. While the most common uses have been seen in health and fitness trackers, we have found some amazing examples of wearable technology in fashion garments.

1) Nadi X Yoga Pants

Nadi X is a Sydney-based company that has created yoga pants that help beginners enhance their practice. The pants have haptic vibrations that pulse at the hips, knees, and ankles to encourage the yogi to hold positions or move on. The pants also sync with a phone app that will give additional feedback on the user’s practice.

Image 1

2) Samsung NFC Suit

Samsung is no stranger to smart clothing and has already developed many fitness-related garments. The NFC suit is a newer addition to their product line that allows individuals to unlock their phone and swap business cards digitally.

Image 2

 3) Project Jacquard

Google’s Project Jacquard platform will launch its first piece of smart clothing in the form of a jacket. Certain areas of the jacket sleeve will allow the wearer to interact with music and map applications. Imagine being able to change songs during your morning run without having to pull out any devices!

Image 3

4) Smart Bikini by Spinali Design

Spinali Design is a French fashion tech company that has created several smart garments. The Neviano UV Protect Collection uses a waterproof sensor to protect you from staying in the sun for too long. Through the app, once you input your skin type, you get warnings about when it is time to apply more sunscreen or get out of the sun.

Image 4

These examples of smart clothing are exciting and unprecedented innovations! Several of these designs, however, require the user to connect their clothing to Bluetooth or use phone apps. We challenge you to envision what wearable technology can become without the aid of a smartphone platform. Imagine a garment without the aid of a device that allows you to fulfill the basic tasks you do everyday, such as check your phone messages or get updates on new social media posts! We look forward to the evolution of smart fashion and how, with time, garments may be used independently to keep us connected while we are on the go! We are also very excited to learn about the intellectual property rights of such designs.

Information and Images Gathered From: Nadi X ; Samsung; Google’s Project Jacquard; Spinali Design ; & Wareable

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