Crazy in Lawsuit: Beyonce’s Battle

In 2012, not long after daughter Blue Ivy’s birth, Beyoncé and  Jay Z filed to register “Blue Ivy Carter” with the USPTO in 14 classes of goods, including cosmetics/fragrances, baby products, kitchen supplies, hair accessories, playing cards, and more. Unfortunately for the Carters, however, they were unsuccessful because they could not prove that they, indeed, used the trademark, which is required for registration with the USPTO.

Beyonce did not let that get her down, however. This February, she filed again with USPTO. Since doing so, she has been getting some pushback from Veronica Morales, a Boston-based event planner, who has been using the mark since 2009.

Furthermore, the music industry diva is seeking a protective order, which, if granted, prevents the disclosure of the details related to the battle. These include the time, date, and location of her deposition. According to the original filing, this is to protect the “safety and privacy” of the singer, as well as her family. Morales, however, has opposed the protective order.

Beyoncé’s intellectual property holding company, BGK Trademark Holdings states, “BGK cannot think of any explanation for opposer’s unreasonable positions other than a desire to harass BGK’s principal, Mrs. Carter, and disclose her confidential information to the public.”

So, there are certainly some unsettled issues in this lawsuit, to say the least. Safety and a strong entrepreneurial endeavour are at stakes here, so we will be sure to follow the story closely and, of course, update you, too!

Information and quotes accredited to The Fashion Law

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