Oops, Zara Did it Again

It’s been a while since we’re spoken about Zara’s copyright infringements. NOTE that this is not because we haven’t had content to speak about but because we didn’t want to bore our followers with the same song and dance.

But, once again, Zara never fails to surprise us. Zara just recently got sued by Haute Hippie after allegedly copying one of the brand’s copyright-protected prints. According Haute Hippie, Zara “intentionally copied [Haute Hippie’s] Royal Paisley [print] … without license or authority from [Haute Hippie].”

Here’s the two designs:

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 2.42.04 PM.png

Haute Hippie argues that Zara’s actions  “were, and continue to be, willful, intentional and malicious […] they obtained profits they would not have otherwise realized […] and that such actions have interfered with [Haute Hippie’s own] sales of its products, have unfairly diverted revenue to [Zara], and have caused [Haute Hippie] monetary damage.”

Information gathered from The Fashion Law and http://www.Zara.com.

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