Flatliners Showcasing Toronto… Except for the CN Tower?

This weekend we went to go see Flatliners, and we have to say, we were definitely pleasantly surprised!

We’ve been counting down to see this film for two reasons: (a) Nina Dobrev (wait, there’s more!!) and (b) BØRNS.

For those of you who don’t know, Nina played Elena in The Vampire Diaries, and actually started her acting career alongside Drake in Degrassi. So, yes, she is Torontonian! Little did we know that the ENTIRE movie was actually filmed in Toronto.

Seeing the city featured on the big screen – from the many beauties of the University of Toronto campus, to King Street, and even the Humber Bay Arch Bridge, watching this movie felt like a day in city.

Well, except for one thing – there was NO view of the CN Tower. Not in any skyline (of which there were many shots at different angles), or from any view out of any high-rise building the movie was filmed in.

Naturally, our first thought was to try and figure out why. Is the design copyrighted? Is there some type of IP protection surrounding the CN Tower? It’s odd because we see pictures of the structure nearly everyday on Instagram – so, why didn’t (or, couldn’t) the producers of Flatliners use it in their film.

Well, it turns out that utilizing images of the CN Tower, owned by the Canada Lands Company, is unacceptable for commercial use. Cityscapes will be considered, as long as the Tower is not the primary subject of the image. Further, these images will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Who knew!?

Oh, and as for BØRNS, his newest hit “Sweet Dreams” was featured during the credits. Make the movie THAT much sweeter.

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