It’s Official: A More Comfortable Dress Shirt

Talon International, Inc. has announced that the company has been granted an official United States patent for its most recent invention, the “Flex Collar”. The Flex Collar is an expandable and flexible shirt collar, which ensures that our necks are more comfortable in collared shirts. The various fabrics used for the collar can stretch from half an inch to over an inch for the ideal level of comfort.

This technology has already been adopted in formal shirts by companies such as Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and Michael Kors. As featured in The Menswear Industry’s Magazine, David Sirkin calls this invention the “biggest innovation in dress shirts since wrinkle-free”. David Sirkin is the head of the dress shirt division at PVH, one of the largest global apparel companies that has exclusive ownership of the trademark for the next six years.

This amazing technology has been marketed by PVH in very creative ways. Their TV commercial that first introduced the Flex Collar featured historical tight collar moments from clips of Frank Sinatra to Charlie Sheen. The ad below also shows how one brand, Van Heusen, took advantage of a tight collar moment to remind consumers about how uncomfortable dress shirts could be before this new technology came about.

Campaign material for the Van Heusen Flex Collar Shirt.

Talon International, Inc. is well-known for bringing innovative technology to the fashion industry. Another recent example is the invisible, expanding waistband That has been very popular worldwide. Talon is also the inventor of the original Zipper and continues to innovate for the apparel industry as stated by the current president, Herman Roup.

As Talon continues to push the fashion industry forward, we are sure that we will see many more inventions that revamp the classics we have come to love.

Information and images gathered from: Global News WireThe Menswear Industry’s MagazinePVH.

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