Airport Chic—4 tips on how to look fly whilst on the fly

On a recent trip to Los Angeles, I found myself observing people in between flights and during wait times. What I noticed is that there are three different people you can find at the airport—those who dress for comfort, those who dress for style, and those who manage both.


Here are 4 tips that will have you serving looks while they serve you grade C coffee and over-salted peanuts.


1. Keep it in the family: Monochromatic outfits are chic on the plane and off; putting different hues of the same colour together automatically makes an outfit look well planned and put together! Also, the consistency gives you a smooth silhouette, tricking the eye into making you look taller… I read that online so that means it’s true, right?

2. Boyfriend fits: Loose-fitting clothes are not only comfortable but now trendy. Wearing a size or two down is a thing of the past and it is now fashion forward to look relaxed.

3. Go with what you know: Black is the new black!

4. Golden Rule: When in doubt, just put on your go-to and throw on a pair of shades. Oversized sunglasses are a classic way to add some “I don’t care” flare and to hide the fact that you didn’t get enough sleep before your 6 AM flight.

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