Kim K Knocks Knockoffs

Fans of Kim Kardashian West’s beauty line, KKW BEAUTY might want to beware! (And this goes for all brands too)!

Counterfeit makeup is on the rise.

Recently, the star took to Snapchat with one of her own KKW Beauty Crème Contour & Highlight Kits, alongside a counterfeit version to illustrate the differences between them, stating that the ONLY place to purchase her collection is on its website,

“I wanted you to check out these fake KKW products and how ridiculous it is that people are advertising that they are selling my products on a bunch of different websites,” Kim says, “they’re using my promo photos… so you think it’s legitimate, but this is what you end up getting in the mail.”

This issue was also recently brought up by Kim’s sister, Kylie, who has also warned fans to beware of fake products from her line, Kylie Cosmetics. We covered some of the hazards of buying knock-off makeup here.

This makes us wonder: if fake makeup is on the rise, what can we do as consumers to avoid purchasing subpar counterfeits? Will we be seeing more legal action brought against counterfeiters?


Information gathered from refinery29 and Business Insider UK.

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