The next NEXT Generation of Fashion

What’s cuter than seeing the latest trends come to life from the runway to the streets? Seeing it in mini version, of course! It’s scientifically proven that everything sounds better in French and everything ten times smaller is a hundred times cuter….we think. The product may be small, but the volume it makes is less than so. Kids’ apparel is a huge industry that has been around forever; however, “microfashion” has just erupted within the past decade. When I say, it erupted… I mean it BLEW. UP.

Meet six-year-old Coco from Harajuku, Japan. While the other kindergarteners are finger painting and eating glue, this girl is serving looks. From vintage Chanel to Supreme cross body bags, Coco kills it with her street style game.



Are you kidding me?

Coco is just one of the many mini mavens taking over social media; the next next generation of fashion icons is already starting to build credibility. Brandon Stanton, author turned photographer turned blogger and creator of Humans of New York has dedicated a segment of his blog titled “today in microfashion…” with features of what the kids are wearing these days, literally.

Check it out: Humans of New York


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