Melania Making Billboards…

As much as the Trumps have earned their rights under a negative light in the news recently, we have to admit, this lawsuit brought by Melania was completely unexpected.

It turns out that an English school in Croatia put up these billboards (alongside spreading the messages on social media) poking fun at the fact that the First Lady knows limited English.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 3.57.48 PM

When asked to comment on the billboards by Trump’s lawyer, the school stated that they used them to show Melania as a role model, not to make fun of her English (YEAH, sure…)

As much as the Trumps have taken some unprecedentedly concerning action regarding various national matters, does this give other countries the right to use the First Lady’s name and image in this way?

Not only is this defamation, but the school was never actually granted rights to use the image from Trump. And it turns out that many images have been used in Croatia and neighbouring countries without Melania’s consent!

Sure, public scrutiny comes with a job such as Melania’s, but this doesn’t mean she should get ripped away her basic human rights. What do you think?

Information derived from: The Star

One thought on “Melania Making Billboards…

  1. Derra Nicøle says:

    Yes Melania is in the public eye in a much bigger aspect now that she is the first lady, however anyone wanting to use her photos as the inspiration behind whatever campaign they’re running should first get the approval from Melania. My first impression when seeing that billboard was that they were mocking the first lady. Using anyone’s photo for an extremely public project such as that billboard without that person’s consent is wrong.


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