UC’S Guide to Interview Style

It’s interview season for us law students, which inevitably brings up the question of what to wear. A friend of the blog, Celeste Autumn Matthews, reached out to us and suggested that we dedicate a post to this issue, and we are more than happy to do so!

To begin, it is important to note that different industries will have different norms and expectations of how interviewees should dress. While it is impossible to predict all of these variations, we can certainly provide tips we hope to be helpful.

1. Look great, feel great

There have been several studies that show that one’s perception of oneself can have a great impact on self confidence, and therefore, performance. So, we hope that you follow our tips and points of inspiration below and, as such, feel like your incredible, confident self.

2. Blue is a power colour 

There is something about the colour blue that simply makes you stand out. However, not every shade of blue accomplishes this. Yves Klein blue is the colour you want!

IKB 79 1959 by Yves Klein 1928-1962

3. Less is more 

Though we usually advocate for creativity with your outfits, dressing for an interview is the one time you’ll find us saying that you should be more conservative. You don’t want to be distracting because of an article of clothing, so a simple dress is usually the best way to go.

4. Add your own twist 

Now, that doesn’t mean you have to be completely  boring. Ladies, use your shoes as your primary accessory and opt for a bold colour or a bold lip. Gentlemen, pocket squares are a great way to accessorize those suits and a great paisley pattern can go a long way!

Now for the best part! Do you need outfit inspiration for an upcoming interview? We’ve got you covered.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also, to make it super easy for you, here is a list of some places that are guaranteed to have the perfect outfit for you!

Massimo Dutti

Club Monaco

Suit Supply


Banana Republic 

Good luck interviewing (we’ll need it, too)!

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