One of the most popular stream-ripping websites may have reached a settlement with the band of music labels who sued the site for copyright infringement last September. The YTMP3 website converts YouTube videos to into music files. The music industry obviously had a problem with their client’s work being given away for free.

The settlement is based on claims of copyright infringement, inducing users to commit infringement, vicarious infringement, contributory infringement, and circumvention of technological protection measures. TL/DR: copyright infringement.

It may seem as a total shock, but downloading music online is still illegal. The author of an original work that qualifies for copyright protection has a certain bundle of exclusive rights that attach to their work. The exclusive rights are to reproduce, to prepare derivative works, to distribute copies, to perform (including digital audio transmission), and to display. It is because of these rights that copyright protection is so important and why those who own a valid copyright fight tooth and nail over them.


The owners of the copyright to the sound recording or musical composition have the exclusive right to reproduce their music, and so they did not like the idea of anyone with internet access having the ability to copy their music for free. After all, artists, producers, and labels put a lot of work into making their music and deserve to be compensated for it!

Although the settlement has not been signed by a judge just yet, the music industry is already celebrating its massive W. The settlement includes damages, a permanent injunction (i.e. stop doing that!), and a transfer of the domain name to the music labels.

Nothing beats having a fire playlist, but let’s not rip off the people behind the music for it.

Information accredited to BNA and The Verge


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