Why This Brand Has a 44,000 Person Wait List

At first glance, Everlane carries the same characteristics as most other online retailers: headquartered in the States, ships internationally, and founded by an up-and-coming designer. Look closely, however, and you’ll catch a few things that set this company apart. Actually, you don’t have to look closely at all.

Three things that set Everlane apart from other retailers: 1) their factories, 2) their quality, and 3) their prices. While many companies can sometimes be shady in their practices (you know who you are), Everlane prides itself on its transparency with its customers, with a website that clearly showcases all aspects of the three above factors. See why you didn’t have to look that close?

First off, the company pays regular visits to each of their hand-picked factories, in addition to mandating a compliance audit that evaluates wages, reasonable hours, and environment. For every factory, Everlane ensures the audits receive a score of 90 or above. Each of the 22 – located anywhere between Los Angeles to Suzhou – is given its own spread on their website, where you can freely read about the owners, history, and number of active employees. Not only that, but they also display exactly what items are produced where and by whom.

There’s also a reason Everlane is a go-to when it comes to the basics. As the company isn’t big on trends, they opt for timeless pieces that are both high in quality and in lasting power – as in, the sweater won’t go out of style in two months. A dream come true, truly.

Finally, and perhaps most notably, Everlane is 100% transparent when it comes to pricing. Through their website, each item clearly indicates the following costs that went into making the product: materials, labor, transport, duties, and hardware. They then reveal by how much a standard fashion company would mark up their prices (by 6-7 times), compared to how much they mark up their prices (2-3 times). Customers as a result know exactly how much each piece costed the company to make.

The company has grown so popular throughout the years that the wait list for their new denim collection had a total of 44,000 individuals (bonus fact: the jeans are made in a factory that recycles 98% of its water, air dries each pair of jeans, and relies on alternate energy). But that isn’t the first time they were faced with a high demand, since earlier this year their new line of heels had a wait list of 28,000 people.

Could Everlane transform the world of customer transparency? We certainly hope so.

Information Gathered From: Everlane & People

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