P!nk’s “Perfect” VMA Speech

If you watched the Video Music Awards this year, it is likely that you have a newfound appreciation for P!nk, if you didn’t already adore her and all that she stands for. At this year’s VMA’s, she decided to dedicate her speech to her daughter, Willow, who was insecure about her appearance.

Willow expressed to her mother that she was often told that she “looked like a boy,” which P!nk could completely relate to. In light of this, she expressed that she, too, receives similar criticism from others. Others often claim that she is “too masculine” and “too strong.” P!nk then goes on to say that we must not change, but, instead, embrace our beauty and uniqueness, while encouraging others to do the same. The way in which she delivers the speech is so captivating that it has been trending on the Internet all week!

P!nk has always spread positive messages within her songs, which have helped millions of people across the world. In 2010, her hit single, “Perfect” landed her at number two on the Billboard Hot 100. It was one of her most influential music videos, which continues to have an impact on many.

Below is the link to P!nk’s VMA speech, if you’re interested in checking it out!


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