A New Catch for London Fashion Week

A few days into London Fashion Week and we are already noticing chic sustainable finds that give us hope for the future of the fashion industry!

One of the most alluring brands we have seen so far is Auria. We have seen fishnets in stockings and tights, but Auria has brought fishnets to swimsuits!

Diana Auria founded the brand in 2012 and has established a green company that values using recycled materials to create garments. After graduating from the London College of Fashion, Auria made it her mission to challenge the idea of sustainability to prove that it can coincide with innovative and contemporary design. The swimsuits featured at London Fashion Week are made out of discarded fishing nets and recyclable waste.

ECONYL is the regenerated yarn that is created from fishing nets and other recycled nylon waste. The material is 100% regenerated and 100% regenerable. This means that the material can be used in a closed loop system, infinitely. This is the type of fabric that will help fashion move from the linear, more wasteful system that is widely used now, to one that is more cyclical and allows for garments and fabrics to be reused.

A new collaboration that Auria will be working on is with Ashley Williams. The new line to be featured this week experiments with more unconventional materials and production methods, such as crochet and macrame.

We can’t wait to see what innovative collaborations Auria has next!

Information and Photo Gathered From Auria London & The Memo.


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