Nike Goes Off

Creative Director of Off-White, Virgil Abloh, and Nike have finally gone public with their collection after much speculation this summer.

Off-White is known for its unique look and distinct street-style. So, it is not hard to imagine why this collaboration was simply meant to be.

Abloh and Nike’s long awaited collection has been dubbed “The Ten” because it uses the structure of 10 shoe silhouettes that are synonymous with Nike, including the Air Jordan 1, the Air Max 90, and the Air Force 1. These are redesigned, however, through the perspective of Abloh and his unparalleled creativity.

The capsule collection is divided into two groups: REVEALING and GHOSTING. The former is a reconstructed version of the well-known sneakers and is actually meant to look unfinished. GHOSTING, on the other hand, uses translucent materials to demonstrate an ethereal look.

“In one gesture, I wanted to underscore how the design system and manufacturing of Nike are so perfect,” Abloh states. “By combining these shoes with design that amplifies their ‘handmade’ quality, we’re intensifying the human element and expanding the emotional connection of these 10 icons.”

Though the sneakers are now available for preorder, the collection officially drops in November. The best part? Abloh made his phone number available here for customers to ask him questions. Yes, you read that right…let the quadruple texting begin. You’re welcome.

Information and quotes accredited to Glamour

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