Ever heard of clothing made from cow manure? Us neither.

However, it is apparently a thing – according to Jalila Essaïdi. Essaïdi is a Dutch entrepreneur who has invented the concept. The process goes as follows: The cow manure, itself, contains cellulose, which is then converted into Mestic – a biodegradable fabric. The process is quite complex, involving the separation of parts of the manure and the mixture of acids.

However, once these steps are completed, the result is biodegradable clothing. In regards to the environment, however, using manure in this way is actually quite beneficial. An abundance of manure is actually detrimental to the environment. Therefore, by using manure in the production of clothing, less phosphates and nitrogen, which are harmful to soil, water, and air, are present. Along with clothing, the process could also be applied to plastics.

The entire concept, which Essaïdi has created, is extremely intriguing. However, it will be difficult to conclude whether or not such a trend will prosper in the near future. Will consumers be interested in purchasing products? Or is this just another fashion trend gone wrong?

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