How Anyone Can Walk in Emma Watson’s Shoes

With her active involvement within the UN, her passion for equality, and her epic portrayal as everyone’s favorite know-it-all in Harry Potter, there’s so much to love about Emma Watson. And thanks to a European company by the name of Veja, now anyone can follow in her footsteps – literally. Watson’s favorite footwear brand is available to all, specializing in shoes and bags for men, women, and children. Veja was founded in France in 2004, and apart from being one of Watson’s most beloved retailers, the company is also an active player in promoting eco-friendly and fair-trade production. Below are some of their most note-worthy sustainable commitments:


In the interest of fair trade, Veja purchases their cotton from 320 families from the Northeast of Brazil, who live off of organic farming. The cotton is then spun and woven into canvas and used specifically for their sneakers. Veja is also in works with ADEC (Associação de Desenvolvimento Educacional e Cultural), an association of cotton producers. Working directly with this association has allowed Veja to establish a human-based business model and ensures that reasonable profits go directly to the cotton farmers.


Along with working with ADEC, Veja works with Amopreab, an association of Seringeiros – otherwise known as the rubber tappers. There are currently 60 families among the rubber tappers who harvest from trees in the Amazon. This rubber is then used in the soles of Veja sneakers. Rubber tappers use a process that eliminates the need for an industrial intermediary, thus allowing them to directly sell semi-finished products while receiving a higher, more fair income.


Veja shoes are made in factories in Rio Grande Do Sul, located in the south of Brazil. These factories carry out social audits throughout the year, ensuring individuals are working at appropriate standards, that their rights are respected, and that they receive fair compensation. All social audits are also open for view to the public on their website, allowing for full transparency with their customers.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, last year Veja created sneakers made with 100% recycled plastic bottles, talk about resourceful. Because of the responsible nature of the company’s sourcing, they spend five times as much in production costs compared to their competitors, but that hasn’t stopped the company from growing up to 40% since 2016. And Emma Watson isn’t the only one who advocates for the brand: Marion Cotillard has dubbed the company as one of her favorites, along with luxury brands such as Dior and Chanel.

With all these commitments under its belt, we’re excited to see just how far Veja can take sustainability.

Information Gathered From: Veja

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