Sound Familiar?

It’s only inevitable that every once in a while two songs sounds alike. Depending on the artist, legal actions may arise do to copyright issues. This is OLD news.

What we want to talk about here is the fairness of some artists getting pinned for their apparent copyright infringements, while others not.

For starters, musicians all build and learn their style off of other musicians. This is a given. One of our favourite bands – Arkells – always states how they learn what they’ve learnt over the years from The Hip. And, admittedly, some of their songs and sounds are alike. But, does this make them copycats?

While listening to the Edge the other day, we came across four songs – two by Tom Petty, one by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and one by Sam Smith.

Apparently, Petty wasn’t petty (sorry, we had to) about the RHCP stealing some of his sounds, but when Sam Smith did it, he sued and received royalties for every time Smith’s song is played.

Take a listen to Petty’s Mary Jane’s Last Dance versus RHCP’s Dani California.

On the other hand, heres Petty’s I Won’t Back Down versus Sam Smith’s Stay With Me.

Our question resides in the fairness of Tom Petty choosing to sue on artist and not the other. We’re all about protecting your musical talents and work – but this situation begs the question as to whether there is a more standardized way to deal with musical copyright infringements to ensure a standard of fairness across the industry.

What do you think? Was Petty just being petty or is this a more industry-wide concern?

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